Windows & Doors | Styles & Functions

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Windows & Doors | Styles & Functions

Windows and doors really are the backbone of the ventilation and lighting of a home, so it is important to invest time into selecting them for your new home.

In this video we have a lot of types and styles of windows and doors to take you through, so you can see the options that are available.

Stacker doors have been installed in the house in this video, sitting between the main living room and the outdoor entertaining space. A positive of stacker doors is screens can be quite easily installed to them to let the breeze through without letting the flies and mozzies in.

A bi-fold door can cover a large space like a stacker door can, however screens are not as easy to install on this style of door.
Awning windows are a great option to be able to flip open the entire space of the window frame. This style of window allows both the inside and outside space to be equally functional and they look great too.

Louvre windows are effective for maximum airflow into spaces of the home and in the kitchen are particularly great for ventilation. Louvres are also great up high if you have tall ceilings, as they allow the hot air that rises to escape the home.

Fixed panels of glass are a nice way to incorporate a view you may have from your home. A window design with a fixed panel of glass works well alongside some functioning windows like louvres.

There is a lot more than colour choices to consider when selecting the windows and doors of your new home. The light and the air that windows and doors offer really will change the way you live in your home.

If you have any questions about doors and windows, or you would like more information about designing a new home, feel free to give us a call for a chat.

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