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How To Find A Brisbane Designer Builder Who Can Turn Your Design Ideas Into Your Dream Home

We help you clarify and refine your house design ideas and bring them to life in a stunning custom home – within budget and without stress.

Your House Design Can Literally Make Or Break Your Home

Your house design is the starting point to get a dream home filled with natural light, fresh breezes, and the best features of your unique Brisbane location.

It gives you the space you’ve always wanted, privacy (from neighbours and each other), and luxuries that make every day a little easier and more enjoyable.

But your design can also be the roadmap that leads to a disappointing end result you may regret for years. Small mistakes can leave you with a home that’s uncomfortable, unappealing, and unsuitable for your family’s needs.

And too often, what looks good on paper, doesn’t work nearly as well in real life (or ends up costing way too much to build).

Which Of These Common Design Questions & Concerns Are On Your Mind?

Like many people gathering design ideas for their new home, are you…

  • Concerned you’ll make a design mistake you’ll regret… and want a designer builder who can help you refine and enhance your ideas without making you feel like you need to compromise with a generic design you don’t want?
  • Overwhelmed by too many ideas… and want a designer builder who takes time to walk your through each room and explain the pros and cons of each option so you can make decisions with confidence?
  • Worried an architect will design something you can’t afford… and want a Brisbane designer builder who has the practical building knowledge to give you a better end result for less money?
  • Nervous your professional consultants won’t communicate and cooperate… and want a designer builder who can handle everything so you can avoid the excuses, confusion, and buck passing that happens too often when designing and building a Brisbane home?
  • Unsure how much your design ideas will cost… and want a designer builder who can outline all the expenses and provide options that give you the best result?
  • Confused about the best way to design and build your new home… and want a Brisbane designer builder who can help you every step of the way to get the exact house you want – within budget and without stress?

Many people looking for a designer builder have similar thoughts. That’s why we invite you to a Free Consultation where we will answer your questions, help you to clarify your ideas, and give you the information you need to avoid headaches, hassles, and disappointments when designing and building your dream home.

How Luxury Lifestyle Homes Helps You Clarify & Refine You House Design So You Get The Exact House You Want

The team at Luxury Lifestyle Homes has built a myriad of homes throughout Brisbane over recent years.

  • Custom Design Specialists
    Unlike some architects who too often focus more on what a design will look like on paper than how it will function, how it can be built, and how much it will cost… and builders who mass produce generic house designs… we specialise in refining your ideas, and bringing them to life in a stunning custom home with the most effective and affordable building processes.
  • Workmanship That Makes The Most Of Your Design
    While other homes may follow a basic plan (size, layout, inclusions) and look okay at first, many are plagued with underlying problems due to poor workmanship. Our meticulous attention to detail with your foundation, frame, and finishes ensures your home looks better and lasts longer.
  • Expert Guidance and Clear Communication
    Too many people building a home complain of feeling overwhelmed and ‘in the dark’ – not knowing what’s going on. Our expert guidance makes decisions simple, and our clear communication keeps you informed so you enjoy the experience and love your finished home.

We Love Our Customers. And They Seem To Love Us Too

We’ve had the privilege of helping a myriad of customers design and build their dream Brisbane home. Here’s what some of them say about their experience.

Trying To Compare Builders To Design & Build your Home? Here’s Some Of The Things That Make Us Different

Researching companies to design and build your home can be time consuming and confusing. Most have professional-looking websites, nice photos of houses, and say all the right things. But sadly – as the horror stories demonstrate – not all builders are the same. And too many people end up feeling disappointed in their building experience and finished (or in some cases, unfinished) home.

Here are some of the things we do to give our customers the custom home they want – within budget and without stress.

  • Your Dream Home — Without Compromise
    It’s not every day you design and build your dream home. So you want it to be exactly right, with special touches you appreciate and feel proud about every day. Sadly, too many people feel pressured to compromise with a generic design that looks and feels bland. We take time to understand and enhance your vision. And we create a design to bring your ideas to life in a custom home that’s exactly what you’ve always wanted.
  • Designed To Make The Most Of Your Unique Land
    It’s sad to see a so many special blocks of land ruined with a generic house design. We assess your land and create a custom design that makes the most of unique features including the aspect, views, breezes, direction of the sun, and slope. This extra effort in designing not only gives you a better result, but it can also help you save time and money during building.
  • More Value For Your Money
    There’s always more than one way to build a house. And too often, we see people unnecessarily overpay for features that could have been built for less. Once we understand the result you want, we’ll present you with options to achieve it
  • Quality That Looks Better And Lasts Longer
    Too many modern builders cut corners to save time. This often leads to gaps, cracks, and things that aren’t straight in your home. Sure, you can usually patch these things with plaster and paint. But we believe in doing things right in the first place, so you don’t have to. Whether it’s your foundation, frame, or finishes, we take pride in our work, so you get a home that looks better and lasts longer.
  • Expert Guidance At Every Step
    From floorplan and paint colours, sinks and storage, carpet and cabinets, to tiles, taps and toilets — building a home takes a lot of decisions. Without the right guidance this can be time consuming, confusing, and overwhelming. We help you every step of the way so you can avoid expensive mistakes, get exactly what you want, and have a whole lot of fun along the way.
  • Systems That Give You Certainty
    From finalising your plan, getting approvals, preparing your site, and laying the foundations, frame, and finishes, building a home involves hundreds of steps that must be completed in perfect order. While many builders fly by the seat of their pants (often exceeding budgets and timeframes as a result), we are obsessed with systems that keep everything on track. That way you can plan your life with certainty knowing exactly what you’re going to get, how much it will cost, and when it will be finished.
  • Clear Communication Keeps You Informed
    It’s unsettling to wonder what’s going on. And nobody wants to feel like a pest who’s always asking for an update. You’ll never feel like that because we’ll keep you informed at every stage (at least once every week) and answer your questions via phone, email, and our online building management portal.
  • Stability You Can Count On
    Tragically, too many building companies run into financial trouble, taking their customers down with them. This often happens when they try to mass produce houses for hundreds of customers. We keep strict control on costs building a limited number of homes per year, following detailed systems, and focussing on long-term success rather than short-term sales. This has been our bedrock philosophy since we started.
  • Our Best Ideas And Advice – Totally Free
    Whether you’re ready to start designing and building, or still researching your options, we invite you for a Free Consultation where we will gladly share our 30+ years of experience. We will answer your questions, help you clarify your ideas, and give you the information you need to avoid headaches, hassles, and disappointments when building your dream home.

Take The Next Step To Designing & Building The Exact Home You Want With A No-Obligation Free Consultation

There’s no need to navigate designing and building alone. We’re here to help. And so we invite you for a no-obligation Free Consultation during which:

  • We’ll help you clarify your overall vision (and begin to develop design ideas that bring your vision to life)
  • We’ll show you how to make the most of your unique block (and save money by matching your design to the aspect and contours of your land)
  • We’ll give you an overview of the costs involved in designing and building a custom home (and a price range based on your initial vision)
  • We’ll show you how the team at Luxury Lifestyle Homes can help you clarify, refine, and bring your design ideas to life in a stunning custom home – within budget and without stress

While other so-called ‘free’ consultations are merely an excuse for a commission salesperson to get an appointment, your consultation with Luxury Lifestyle Homes will be with an experienced Designer Builder who will gladly share advice from our 30+ years of experience designing and building custom homes in Brisbane.

When you’re ready, we’d naturally love to help you design and build your custom home. But in any case, we’re glad to help you in this exciting part of your journey towards your dream home.

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