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The Hardest Working, Most Systems-Obsessed Builders In Brisbane

You don’t design and build a custom home every day. So it’s important to feel like you’ve got the right team working with you.

A team who listens to your initial ideas and helps you clarify and refine them into a design that delivers the exact floorplan, features, and finishes you’ve always wanted.

A team who takes pride in every aspect of your home (whether it’s visible or not), and has the skills and experience of a master craftsman so your home looks better and lasts longer.

And a team who follows a proven process to ensure you always know what’s happening, and everything is finished on time, within budget, and without stress.

If that’s the type of team you’d like to know more about, schedule a Free Consultation where we will answer your questions and share our advice and tips to help you turn your design ideas into the exact custom home you’ve always wanted. Or keep reading to discover more about our uncommon principles and processes.

The First To Arrive & The Last To Leave

Jay Mostyn, the founder and Director of Luxury Lifestyle Homes, has always had an uncommon work ethic.  From pumping petrol to delivering newspapers he was working well before he was legally allowed to.  With the determination to succeed and desire to deliver whatever was in front of him, putting in the hard yards was learnt very early on and became the normal way of life.


This continued throughout his Carpentry Apprenticeship. When the other tradesmen packed up and went home, Jay would stay back and lend a hand to anyone willing to keep working.

When asked why, he says, “I have a one-in-all-in mentality. If one suffers, we all suffer.” No wonder he’s such a good team leader, admired by staff and clients.

Compromise In Quality Is Simply Unnecessary & Unacceptable

Jay’s keen eye for detail compels him to do things the right way — first time – whether it’s seen (visible in your finished home) or unseen (hidden in the framework of your house).

“It breaks my heart when I see people building a house without knowing what they’re really getting. Everything may look okay at first, but so many people are devastated when the underlying problems start to show,” he laments.

That’s one of the reasons why Luxury Lifestyle Homes limits the number of homes we build each year. While other builders build hundreds of generic homes, we meticulously create only a limited number of distinctive designs each year for our discerning clients.

The Secret That Ensures Every Home Is Perfect

Building a home involves hundreds of steps. Each step needs to be carried out by a skilled tradesperson. And each step also needs to be organised and monitored by a skilled manager.

Jay remembers, “When I was an apprentice, everything was in my boss’s head. If he wasn’t around, nobody knew what was going on.” That drove Jay to become obsessed with systems. He has painstakingly developed a checklist for every aspect of his business. “It takes the stress off everyone – the builder, the team, and the client,” he says. “And it ensures everything goes smoothly and we deliver a perfect product every time.” You can learn more about the Luxury Lifestyle Homes process here.

Exceptional Every Time – Even Better Every Day

When the team at Luxury Lifestyle Homes put their tools away, they like to look at their work with pride knowing, “I built that.” But they don’t rest on their laurels. “We strive to be better every day,” Jay insists. “We are always looking for better ideas, products, and building methods to give our customers a higher quality home and a smoother building experience.”

Although the team at Luxury Lifestyle Homes are already highly qualified and skilled, they hold regular training sessions to get smarter and better every month.

What Sort Of Builder Are You Looking For?

If this sounds like the type of builder you’d like to know more about, we invite you to have a Free Consultation where we will answer your questions and share our 30+ years of experience. We look forward to helping you get the exact home you want – within budget and without stress.

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